Tying the Steamer

Welcome to another Fly of the Week. This week we are going to be tying a fly that a friend of mine brought in the shop for me to tie. It’s a very cool stonefly pattern and I thought I would share it with you. Of course I did check with him and he ok’d me doing a tying video and talking about it. So lets all give Randy a big thanks!

tying the steamer

This fly is a mix between a streamer and a Girdle Bug(The Tird)…… Let’s welcome the Steamer! The reason this fly caught my attention was it has attributes of the Girdle Bug and a streamer. I love fishing G-bugs and who can argue with the effectiveness of a streamer? Marabou tail….. Rubber legs… Chenille….. Bead….. Can you say fishy?

Over the last few years I have noticed that I have been catching less fish on the Flathead River on the Girdle Bug? Not to say I don’t get any but not like it was a few years ago…. Just my observation? So I’ve been working on new stonefly patterns and this bug really caught my attention! It could be that a few years ago there were more Stoneflies available for the trout to eat? We did have a big Golden Stonefly year that next summer? I always defer to my fishing ability before I blame Mother Nature. That’s why I’m always looking for new patterns and twists on old standbys! So if your looking for a new Stonefly pattern tie this guy up in your favorite colors and enjoy that hook set!

Tying this fly is pretty straight forward. Just a few things to think about. 1- I like to match the color of the tail to the color of the body. If I’m using a multi color chenille for the body I will carry those same colors into the tail. 2- I like to tie the steamer heavy! Tungsten bead and lead wire….. If you don’t have a tung bead then wrap it with lead wire. Tie it up heavy and get her down! 3-? Thats about it! Enjoy tying up the Steamer and go fishing!

Tying The Lucent Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph

tying video  hot spot pheasant tail nymph

This week we are tying the Lucent Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph. It is a spin off the Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph. This spring I was guiding on the Missouri River and a guide friend of mine was having great success fishing the “Traditional” Purple Hot Spot PT….. Having just bought a bunch of bugs I decided I was going to tie some up instead of spending more money on flies. The original didn’t have a Flashabou shell back and epoxy bubble…… I was tying lots of bugs with that bubble so I just carried it over to this bug. Purple Lucent bead was a no brainer because I wanted this fly to sink like a rock in the deeper faster water “The Ice Man” was fishing it in…… This fly sinks like a rock with the double Tungsten beads! Hit the back of the bead with some purple ice dug…… Speckled brown hen hackle for the legs and you have a great bug when the BWO’s are around. It seems to me that early in the season, when the bugs first fill the water column, Purple works well then it seems to taper off. Then the PMD’s show up and I tied a few in bigger sizes and they worked too. But I have to say they worked better for me at the start of the BWO events. Then this last fall it worked again when the water temps came back into the BWO world. Another variation that I experimented with was an all black version for PMD time…. The PMD Ninja per say…. Two black Tungsten beads… Black Holographice Tinsel for the abdomen….. Black PT fibers for the tail….. Black Saltwater Flashabou… Black Ice Dub….. Black Tying Thread…..

This bug is not all that hard to tie but just a few things to think about when tying this bug. When you put on the beads make sure that the small hole is facing the eye of the hook and the big opening is twords the rear of the hook. This will allow the thread to slide down between the two beads when you tie off the shell back and legs. If you reverse the openings the thread will not slip in between the two and you will have a big clumpy tie in point. When adding epoxy to the shell back add your UV Knot sense with a bodkin. If you try to use the applicator your glob of resin will be pretty large and will trap the legs in it. Use a small amount…. Remember use 1/2 of what you think you need. Then Maybe half of that. Enjoy tying these flies and put a few in your box!

How To Tie The Pink Lucent Scud


This will be the last tying video of 2014….. And what better fly to end things on than a Pink Lucent Scud. It’s a solid producer on the Flathead and Missouri Rivers. Are you a pink fly angler? Then tie a few of these up and I bet you wont be disappointed! Its a very straight forward fly to tie….

I like to fish this pattern from size 8-14….. Depending on the time of year and what the fish want. How about the bead? MFC Lucent Tungsten Bead in pink. It’s hard to find a durable color on tungsten beads. Some are painted on…… Some are anodized? But the colors are usually pretty funky? Not a true color…. MFC’s Lucent beads are true to color and my favorites! Pink… Purple….. Red…… Burnt Orange… Deep Red Purple….. All good stuff! Dont want to tie this guy in pink? No problem! Silver bead and rainbow scud dub…… Purple….. Orange…… Change up the colors to match your needs.

Monday Night Fly Tying….

Once again this week we are going to have our Thursday Night Fly tying on Monday Night. This Thursday is going to be New Years Day so were not all tying with hangovers we are going to hold it on Monday Night….. This week we are gong to have our Famous…..

foam night

Foam Night! That’s right…. Foam Night! Foam Night is very popular and brings out a bunch of great pattern that are thrown on the Flathead and other Freestones in our area. From big junk…. To smaller techy foamies…. It’s all fair game! I’m going to be tying a few of my new favorites that I came up with or tweek’d from others patterns. What are they? Your going to have to show up to find those out! What to bring? Well….

Hooks – As long and big as you have…….
Foam – 2mm in black, brown, insect brown, purple….. or your favorite color
Thread – Black and Brown are the basics
Dubbing – Black, red, purple, golden brown or your favorite colors

Also bring some rubber legs… Deer or Elk hair…..

This monday night will be a good one and there will be lots of great patterns floating around. The doors will open at 6:00 and we’ll be there till the bugs stop spinning!

Tying the Skeeg…..

Who doesn’t love catching fish on scuds? On a lake… on a freestone… Tailwater…. Stripping… Under an indicator…. or where ever? Some turn their nose at the scud and say it’s just an egg? Pink egg…. Dead Egg…. Might as well put a bead on there? Well…. I designed this fly so there is no more drama over the scud(or the egg). It’s a scud and an egg…. Best of both worlds! You no longer have to feel like your fishing an egg…. Or a scud….. Your fishing both! If you want to get really dirty peg a bead above it and your an outlaw! Ladies and Gentlemen……Hide your dry fly and spey rods…… I would like to introduce the Skeeg!


I came up with this idea last winter sitting in my tying room after drinking a few beers. I wanted to tie a few flies that would probably work(novel idea) and was super heavy. The Rainbow Czech Nymph was working pretty good in a few spots on the Flathead but I was wearing it out. It seemed to work a little less everyday….. Time for a change…… I added a Pink MFC Lucent Bead and switched up the dubbing. Not being willing to commit to the full pink dubbing, because the Rainbow Czech was working so well, I decided to blend UV Fl Pink Ice Dub with Light Shade Rainbow Scud Dubbing. It turned out to be a really fishy color, I would say a spectrumized pink?

Tying the Skeeg is really straight forward. One thing to think about is the size of the second bead, pink one. You want to make sure it’s not so big that it closes the hook gap to much. If the bead is to big you might miss a few fish….. To small then you won’t see it….. Usually one size smaller than the lead bead, gold one. The other thing to think about is…. Make sure that there is a space between the two beads after you tie the abdomen. You need a space to tie in the pink collar. Thats it…. Tie up a few of these and throw’m in the fly box. I bet if you fish pink you’ll like this guys!

Ladies Night…


This Wednesday we will be revisiting Ladies Night at Lakestream. If you have ever wanted to learn how to tie flies…. Have questions about fishing….. Just curious….. Or a seasoned pro…… Join us at Lakestream…. The doors will open at 6:00….. This year we are going to do things a little differently… We will be tying flies and also spending some time on subjects that will help you get out and catch fish. I think a great place to start will be….. Tying Pink Flies….. I know what your thinking….. Ladies Night….. Pink Flies…. But our Trout on the Flathead River love pink flies! Especially in the winter! So what should you bring?
Hooks- Dai-Riki #135’s in size 6-12
Dubbing – Pink
Ribbing – Pink
Thread – Pink
Beads – Pink
Flashabou – Pink
If it’s pink… Bring it!

What fishy subject are we going to talk about? Kim suggested that we talk about rigging your line…. From the leader to the fly. By the end of the night you will be able to put on a leader…. Tie on tippet and tie on your flies….. There is a lot to talk about in this area so get those questions ready.

I cant wait for Ladies Night! The doors open at 6:00 and were there till your done!

Weekend Tying Video…..


Here is your weekend tying video….. I personally think this is the best tying video ever! Pretty funny stuff…. I wouldn’t be afraid to tie a few up and put it to the test! Thanks again to Tightline Productions for a great video…..

Lakestream Thursday Night Fly Tying……

Here we are…. It’s December…… Time to fire up the good old…… Thursday Night Fly Tying! Summer is officially over, Winter is here and in a few days….. It’s Thursday….. Looks like a recipe to tie flies on Thursdays?

It’s been a great summer and we all have some catching up to do…… Fish stories of glory…… Great events……. Bugs that worked……. Bugs that didn’t….. New ideas for creations…… Maybe a beer? What a great night to do?

parachute night

Parachutes! Serious? Parachutes? We wont be fishing those things till…. at least….. March? At super best? Maybe size 22 in late Feb on the Missouri…. like a few years ago? Or….. In just a few days?

Some have been tying for a few weeks….. and some of us are just getting back in the swing…… Parachutes are a great warm up! Proportion Control…. Hackle…… Post…. Tail…… tight little thread head….. Who dosent want to tie a better Parachute? You can see it when someone looks at a good Adams……You give your buddy one……. You tie that? Ummmmmm….. Nah……. (Not making eye contact)…… I bought it?

Lets get that chin up and change that answer! I sure need to learn how to tie a good one! The doors will be open a little before 6:00 and lets tie some flies…… Want to bring a few beers? Absolutely…. But not necessary…. New to tying? Want to check it out? Absolutely! The guys at tying night are the best….. You need help? Never a problem! You want to check it out? No problem! Want to learn some local flies? Want to show us what works? Sweet! Wont be able to get there at 6? Show up when you can……Want to learn a easy way to tie them? Ken and Gary will show you how to do it…. Want to learn the hard way? I’ll show you how I tie terrible ones! Were just tying flies and telling lies! Parachutes worked yesterday, I swear….. The doors will be open at 6 on Thursday Night! and we’ll be there till… Who knows?

Weekend Tying Assignment……


Were headed straight back into tying season. So get those tying rooms all dialed in and get your twisting skills back on track…… Lets start with a simple but probably one of the most effective patterns ever! The Woolly Bugger! I’m a big fan of the Crystal Bugger in olive on the Flathead River…..

The Bugger is a classic fly that gets the job done. I cant tell you how many times it has saved the day for me? Tie it on…. Put it under an indicator….. Strip it off the banks….. Swing it through a hole…… Between boulders…….. Ever fish it all day on the Blackfoot? You should!

Everyone has their own way of tying this fly but I’m a big fan of how Tightline whips it up…… Thanks again to Tight Line Production for their great video!

Mighty Morrish Hopper….


Tie it on and fish the deep water…. It works!