Ladies Night…


This Wednesday we will be revisiting Ladies Night at Lakestream. If you have ever wanted to learn how to tie flies…. Have questions about fishing….. Just curious….. Or a seasoned pro…… Join us at Lakestream…. The doors will open at 6:00….. This year we are going to do things a little differently… We will be tying flies and also spending some time on subjects that will help you get out and catch fish. I think a great place to start will be….. Tying Pink Flies….. I know what your thinking….. Ladies Night….. Pink Flies…. But our Trout on the Flathead River love pink flies! Especially in the winter! So what should you bring?
Hooks- Dai-Riki #135’s in size 6-12
Dubbing – Pink
Ribbing – Pink
Thread – Pink
Beads – Pink
Flashabou – Pink
If it’s pink… Bring it!

What fishy subject are we going to talk about? Kim suggested that we talk about rigging your line…. From the leader to the fly. By the end of the night you will be able to put on a leader…. Tie on tippet and tie on your flies….. There is a lot to talk about in this area so get those questions ready.

I cant wait for Ladies Night! The doors open at 6:00 and were there till your done!

Weekend Tying Video…..


Here is your weekend tying video….. I personally think this is the best tying video ever! Pretty funny stuff…. I wouldn’t be afraid to tie a few up and put it to the test! Thanks again to Tightline Productions for a great video…..

Lakestream Thursday Night Fly Tying……

Here we are…. It’s December…… Time to fire up the good old…… Thursday Night Fly Tying! Summer is officially over, Winter is here and in a few days….. It’s Thursday….. Looks like a recipe to tie flies on Thursdays?

It’s been a great summer and we all have some catching up to do…… Fish stories of glory…… Great events……. Bugs that worked……. Bugs that didn’t….. New ideas for creations…… Maybe a beer? What a great night to do?

parachute night

Parachutes! Serious? Parachutes? We wont be fishing those things till…. at least….. March? At super best? Maybe size 22 in late Feb on the Missouri…. like a few years ago? Or….. In just a few days?

Some have been tying for a few weeks….. and some of us are just getting back in the swing…… Parachutes are a great warm up! Proportion Control…. Hackle…… Post…. Tail…… tight little thread head….. Who dosent want to tie a better Parachute? You can see it when someone looks at a good Adams……You give your buddy one……. You tie that? Ummmmmm….. Nah……. (Not making eye contact)…… I bought it?

Lets get that chin up and change that answer! I sure need to learn how to tie a good one! The doors will be open a little before 6:00 and lets tie some flies…… Want to bring a few beers? Absolutely…. But not necessary…. New to tying? Want to check it out? Absolutely! The guys at tying night are the best….. You need help? Never a problem! You want to check it out? No problem! Want to learn some local flies? Want to show us what works? Sweet! Wont be able to get there at 6? Show up when you can……Want to learn a easy way to tie them? Ken and Gary will show you how to do it…. Want to learn the hard way? I’ll show you how I tie terrible ones! Were just tying flies and telling lies! Parachutes worked yesterday, I swear….. The doors will be open at 6 on Thursday Night! and we’ll be there till… Who knows?

Weekend Tying Assignment……


Were headed straight back into tying season. So get those tying rooms all dialed in and get your twisting skills back on track…… Lets start with a simple but probably one of the most effective patterns ever! The Woolly Bugger! I’m a big fan of the Crystal Bugger in olive on the Flathead River…..

The Bugger is a classic fly that gets the job done. I cant tell you how many times it has saved the day for me? Tie it on…. Put it under an indicator….. Strip it off the banks….. Swing it through a hole…… Between boulders…….. Ever fish it all day on the Blackfoot? You should!

Everyone has their own way of tying this fly but I’m a big fan of how Tightline whips it up…… Thanks again to Tight Line Production for their great video!

Mighty Morrish Hopper….


Tie it on and fish the deep water…. It works!

Black and Red…..

fat cat caddis

Black and Red…. The Cutthroat Trout in the Flathead River System love Black and Reds… Why? Who knows… But they love them! This little pattern has been a killer for me the last few days…… Start experimenting with Black and Reds in your fly arsenal.

Ant August……


August is the time to start thinking about Terrestrials…. Hoppers… Beetles… and my favorite…. Ants! Tie some of these guys up and fish them! Tie them up in a few colors and go catch some fish!

Fly of the Week….


You’ve heard it before… Nothing new hear except a little twist on the good old wire worm. Everyone fishes their own variation of the worm. But this guy has been working great for me the last week or so. I couldnt find a video or have time to do one but I’ll fill you in on the details.

Use the materials that you see in this video…. But add UV Knot sense and a big fire hot bead. You’ll tie this worm in three steps. First Put on your hot bead….. Then start near the barb and wrap your wire to about the half way point…. Cut it off and make sure the wire is flush to the hook shank. Then shove the big end of the bead over the wire. Then reattach the wire and finish wrapping the wire to the eye of the hook. Almost done…. Then take the Knot sense and cote the entire top of the fly with it…. Cook it off with your uv light and your done!

This fly is super heavy and gets down in the water column and has been working great! 10′ to double BB split shot and go get’m! Oh yeah…. Tie on a caddis pupa under it!

Fly Tying Nights….


What a great winter we had tying up bugs! Ladies Night was a giant success…. It was great to have you ladies in the shop and tying with you! Thursday Nights were super fun as well! We all learned a few new patterns…. I’m excited to fish Phil’s Baetis in the next few days.

This year we had lots of new tiers on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s great to see new tiers in the shop. Anything we can do to support your tying fix! Next year is sure to be a huge success! We have a few ideas to bring to the table for fly tying nights on our next round! Now it’s time to fish those flies you tied and tie more up when you wear them out! The tying room is still going to be stocked with great materials… Some new materials…… And just about everything you could ask for. If we don’t have it….. Ask us to order it! Were making room on the walls for even more materials.

Everyone at Lakestream would like to thank you for making Tying Nights such a success!

Thursday Night Fly Tying…..

I think it’s official…. Spring has sprung! It’s here… .And what does spring mean for us? Well….. It’s Spring! One season closer to summer…. What does spring have to offer? Lots! It’s prime time for many different aspects of our world of fishing!

pike night

One big player is good old Mr. Pike. The Flathead Valley is full of them… Rivers, lakes and sloughs. This thursday night is going to be ….. Pike Night!

Were going to be tying pike flies till they come out your ears. We just got a shipment of materials specifically for all you pike guys out there. Mirage Flashabou… Lateral Scale….. Buck Tail… Icelandic Sheep Hair…. Craft Fur…. Fish Masks… Tube Fly adaptors from HMH…. Tubes… Cones….

I’ll be showing everyone how to tie up some great pike flies on tubes… and on normal hooks. Great night to be in the shop. Dax is going to bring in a great Pike Movie to watch while were tying….

There are lots of techniques to tying pike flies…. From Reverse tie in.. Fold Overs and blah… blah… blah…. Here is a great warm up video for everyone.

Lets give a shout out and special thanks to Thomas Harvey and his Trophy Wife for making this great video! Check him out on Facebook….
Also Special thanks to Fly Fishing the Ozarks for hosting a the video…. Are you a Streamer Junkie? Sam…… Check out their youtube page… flyfisingtheozarks.….It’s full of great streamer patterns and great tying videos full of great shots and upbeat music!

Enough of my rambling! The doors open at 6:00 and were open till your done! Come in and check out the new materials and tie up some Pike Flies… Watch a great pike flick and pick our brains as to where these tooth critters live!