Fly Tying Nights….


What a great winter we had tying up bugs! Ladies Night was a giant success…. It was great to have you ladies in the shop and tying with you! Thursday Nights were super fun as well! We all learned a few new patterns…. I’m excited to fish Phil’s Baetis in the next few days.

This year we had lots of new tiers on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s great to see new tiers in the shop. Anything we can do to support your tying fix! Next year is sure to be a huge success! We have a few ideas to bring to the table for fly tying nights on our next round! Now it’s time to fish those flies you tied and tie more up when you wear them out! The tying room is still going to be stocked with great materials… Some new materials…… And just about everything you could ask for. If we don’t have it….. Ask us to order it! Were making room on the walls for even more materials.

Everyone at Lakestream would like to thank you for making Tying Nights such a success!

Thursday Night Fly Tying…..

I think it’s official…. Spring has sprung! It’s here… .And what does spring mean for us? Well….. It’s Spring! One season closer to summer…. What does spring have to offer? Lots! It’s prime time for many different aspects of our world of fishing!

pike night

One big player is good old Mr. Pike. The Flathead Valley is full of them… Rivers, lakes and sloughs. This thursday night is going to be ….. Pike Night!

Were going to be tying pike flies till they come out your ears. We just got a shipment of materials specifically for all you pike guys out there. Mirage Flashabou… Lateral Scale….. Buck Tail… Icelandic Sheep Hair…. Craft Fur…. Fish Masks… Tube Fly adaptors from HMH…. Tubes… Cones….

I’ll be showing everyone how to tie up some great pike flies on tubes… and on normal hooks. Great night to be in the shop. Dax is going to bring in a great Pike Movie to watch while were tying….

There are lots of techniques to tying pike flies…. From Reverse tie in.. Fold Overs and blah… blah… blah…. Here is a great warm up video for everyone.

Lets give a shout out and special thanks to Thomas Harvey and his Trophy Wife for making this great video! Check him out on Facebook….
Also Special thanks to Fly Fishing the Ozarks for hosting a the video…. Are you a Streamer Junkie? Sam…… Check out their youtube page… flyfisingtheozarks.….It’s full of great streamer patterns and great tying videos full of great shots and upbeat music!

Enough of my rambling! The doors open at 6:00 and were open till your done! Come in and check out the new materials and tie up some Pike Flies… Watch a great pike flick and pick our brains as to where these tooth critters live!

Ladies Night…

Just a few more weeks left of Ladies Night in the shop. With dry fly fishing getting closer every day I think we should tie up a bunch of patterns that will catch fish on the Flathead when that day arrives. Lets do….. Foam Night! Foam night is another great night of tying. I’ll be tying Chubby Cherbs in a few different colors.


Here is a warm up video for everyone… Bring the materials list from the video…. You can also bring a few different colors of foam… dubbing and legs for different variations.

The doors open at 6 and we’ll be tying till you’ve had your fill. Dont miss this tuesday night…. Foam Night!!

Thursday Fly Tying Sessions….

This week will be a great one for our tying night. We are going to be doing sow bugs and scuds! Sows and Scuds catch lots of fish… All over the place and on almost any piece of water. Super versatile patterns!

scud and sow bug

I’ll be tying up some sow bugs that I use on the Missouri and Pinks on the Flathead. You can get crazy with your tying ideas and gang out lots of these bugs and variations of them.

Here is a warm up video for you to start with.

The doors open at 6 and were here till the tying is done. Bring a few beers or your favorite beverage and fill those boxes!

Ladies Night……

It’s the eve before another Ladies Night…. It feels like spring is in the air… For at least another day… Or two? Stoneflies are a true sign of spring… Or at least spring is closer. So This Tuesday we are going to be tying Stoneflies! Salmon Flies to be exact!


Thats right…. Salmon Fly Ladies Night! I’ll keep this short and sweet. We will be tying an extended body Salmon Fly. What do you need to bring?

1- Slim profile sewing needle
2-Brown and tan 2mm Foam… Bring darker colors… Oranges… Browns…. Black… Grays…..
3- Thread in 6/0 orange, black and brown
4- Elk hair and Poly for wings…..
5- Dubbing… Darker colors… Browns, black, orange and olive.
6- All your rubber legs.
7- Razor blades and a metal ruler….
8-Hooks, Big 2xl 3xl hooks

The doors open at 6… beginners are welcome… It’s a great time and we’ll have you tying flies in no time! Here is a quick warm up video… It’s not a salmon fly but it will be you tying flies!

Streamer Night…….

Thursday Night….. Streamer Night! It’s streamer season and I cant think of a better way to spend tomorrow night. I’ll be tying one of my favorites… Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow. It’s a solid pattern and catches lots of fish.. Form the Missouri….To the Flathead…. To the Clark Fork… To the Blackfoot. It’s on the program.

coffeys sparkle minnow

On a side note….. Gary is headed to the lower Missouri River… Below Fork Peck in search of giant Rainbows….. Gary is a great tier and has shared lots of his patterns. This week lets send Gary off with a bunch of flies for his trip! I’ll be donating my flies to the Streamers for Gary fund!

Here is a warmup video for everyone…..

Ladies Night….


Another Ladies Night is here! What are we going to be tying tonight?

Streamers! I’m going to show two streamers tonight. One is a refresher from about a month ago. The good old Polar Chenille Leech. Here is a warm up video on the Polar Chenille Leech….. The materials for this fly are listed at the beginning of the video.

The next streamer pattern we will be tying is a Clousabou. Clausa what? It’s Clouser tied out of marabou. It’s a super easy pattern to tie and is super effective on all rivers. For your materials list…Just bring all your marabou and Some dumbbell eyes. The rest of the materials you will have from the Polar Chenille Leech.

The doors open at 6:00 and were there till your done tying. This will be a great night for someone who has never tied before. These two flies are straight forward and fun to tie!

Thursday Night Fly Tying…..


Spring is in the air and it’s time to start tying bugs that will work as the fishing heats up. We’ve tied plenty of nymphs so lets tie dries…. This week we are tying…..

Spring Flathead Dry Flies! If your thinking dry flies in the spring you should be thinking about BWO’s…. G-Gnats….. March Browns…. Gray Drakes…. Big Stones… Small Stones…..

I’ll be tying a March Brown pattern that works good for me…. and messing around with an extended body March Brown pattern…. Purple haze…… Gray Drakes… All on the menu for pre runoff!

What should you bring? Bring it all! Foam.. Dubbing… Dry Fly Hooks… Bring it all!

This will be a great night to be in the shop. Lots of relevant patterns from some great tiers from the area. The doors open at 6:00 and were there till your done tying!

Ladies Night…..

Last week we had a great time tying up a bunch of… Well? I cant remember? But I know we had fund and this week is going to be no different! We had a brand new tier in the group and she tied some great patterns! Ladies Night is super fun… So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to tie flies this is your night! I’ll be there to show you the ropes and have you whipping up bugs in no time! Oh yeah… Caddis… Last week was Elk Hair Caddis Night!

parachute royal wulff

This week we are going to be tying… The Parachute Royal Wulff. A few weeks ago we tied the traditional Wulff… This week it was requested that we do the Parachute Version.

To tie this guy you are going to build your basic parachute….. Remember a few weeks ago? If not here is the Purple Haze video to refresh your brain.

Build a basic parachute body… Then use peacock herl for the abdomen and thorax of the fly. Wrap red floss for your hot spot on the abdomen…. Wrap your hackle and finish off on the post. It’s pretty easy. Tie up a few…. Come with some questions and be ready to have a good time!

The doors open at 6:00 and were there till your done. There is a 10% discount in the shop…. Usually plenty of beer to go around… Maybe bring some wine and your ready to tie!

Thursday Night Fly Tying……

One more day until fly tying madness! Yes… It’s Hump Day…. There will be a Hump Day Video on the blog and you’ll be thinking about Fly Tying Night! Since it’s March… Warming up…. And the Missouri is on fire… Let’s do… Missouri Bugs!


Some of my best memories of the Missouri are in March…. Some amazing dry fly days in the Canyon…. Big dumb browns sitting inches from the bank chowing like machines…. I just got goose bumps! Some Marches are better than others with BWO’s and I’m always hopeful that it will be better than the last. The last two years it seems to be more of a midge game on top. This year probably the same… But one can dream? Anyways… back to Tying Night!

Lets focus on Midges, BWO’s and other patterns that are catching fish. Midge adults, emergers, nymphs and clusters. BWO nymphs are effective….. All other BWO stages are great if they are hatching. Fire beads, Pinks, Worms and other secret little stuff are great nymphs to think about. Streamers? Coffey’s, PCL and Clousabous are the ticket.

There will be a few new tiers at our Tying Night so I will probably be focusing my efforts to help them get started and get them comfortable tying some patterns. I’m thinking I will be tying San Juan Worms and some midge patterns. Simple to tie and rail fish pretty much everywhere!

I’m excited for this one! A couple of new tiers…. Missouri River Bugs… It’s March…… The doors open at 6:00 and were tying bugs till were done!