The Flathead has been on a big drop in the last couple of days, and all the reports I’ve been getting have been great ! Rain or shine, the bug activity has been solid with lots of PMD’s coming off and fish eating them of course. Today the river leveled off holding at 12,500 CFS I would expect to see the action get better and better as it continues to come down. If your planning on heading out I would keep the the Para Adams and mayfly box close at hand and don’t hesitate to put a small emerger off the back.
And The Shop ! we are stocked up and getting more product in every day. New rods from Sage, Bass poppers from MFC, Hats, Solar flex shirts, new lines, and the list goes on ! stop in and we’ll get you set up with whatever you need.
Remember, get after it while things are heating up, there are fish to be had !

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