Fly Fishing Montana, 12-22-12

Well, the world as we know it has not changed …. Yet. We still have 59 minutes for everything to hit the fan. If you are reading this then you are up late or all is good! I have been doing some research on this end of the world thing and have found some information that might be useful. As fisherman we, or should I say “I”, are pretty procrastinating bunch of people. So not to worry…. The end of the world is postponed untill 2015. Read the full story here. You have 3 more years of great trout fishing!


  1. Glad they were wrong and that we get another chance because i just wasn’t thinking and/or prepared! Now I can plan. I think I’ll quit my job July 1, 2015, grab my credit cards and head for the coast or some exotic location to do some saltwater flyfishing! Permit, tarpon, bonefish, jacks, yahoo and wahoo! I’ll take all my friends too!

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