How’s the Missouri? What’s going on over there? Well…. the River is flowing at 5,000cfs right now and the water temps peaked at 42.5 today. Weather? Pretty good. Warmer day time temps with some sunshine, throw in some cloudy days and you have a recipe for a fun time. Get a warm cloudy day like yesterday and you might get another afternoon of upright wings on the water and some feeding trout?

Streamers? It’s been good. Good enough to keep spirits and the excitement level high. Fast hard banks are productive so hitting every pocket and fishy structure is key. Look for those places you would hide out in if you were a brown. Keep that fly in there and searching for a trout to eat it. Put a bit of split shot to get that fly down a bit faster helps in the hard stuff. Slower banks are also good. You know the slow tasty stuff? 2 foot with a slight drop off. They’re there and will eat your streamers. At least they have been he last few weeks and days. Tomorrow? Who knows with the sunshine but I’m hoping for clouds and no sun.

Fly selection? What’s your jam? Big? Flashy? Natural? Articulated? Small? Lean and mean? Intruder Style? Fish it! Today I dug deep in the Streamer box and broke out an old friend…Sparkle Minnow, I like it when they eat that guy!

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