the Flathead River is in perfect shape right now. Fish are feeding and there are bugs on the water. Golden Stones, Caddis, PMD’s and a few Green Drakes still popping off late in the day. So many bigs to choose from? Which ones to throw? I’m a big fan of the Golden Stone Fly right now. Roll with your favorite stonefly pattern and find the ones that want to eat it! Some fish two bugs but the single dry has been productive for me. You can put that fly right where you want it, fewer tangles and one less bug to look at. Run that suuper secret golden through the riffles, on the banks, over drops, color changes and out in the seems and you’ll get eats. The Flathead River is super fun right now and you should be out enjoying the river. Get that drift and set the hook when they eat it! Some bigger fish in the river right now so don’t clamp down when they run…. Let’m fight when they fight and fight them when there not. Stop by the shop for the latest info from the crack shop staff! Dax, Tim, Johnson and Larry know what’s going on the river and will get you pointed in the right direction!

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