So over the years the industry has given us an almost dizzying array of different ways to carry, pack, haul and sling our gear. For a while the good old fashioned fly vest in faded muted tones was the only thing you saw around the river and there are some who still hold the good old reliable in high regard. But times have changed there are so many options out there and probably two styles that I hear the most about. “The waist pack”  and the ever popular “Sling Pack” I get asked from a lot of people ” Well which one’s the best ?”  So I thought I’d do a quick run down of both and then maybe you can decide for yourself.

The “Hip Pack”

-The hip pack is by no means a new idea, its been around for a long time but the materials and its overall ability to haul your gear has certainly been upgraded. Hip packs are simple, lightweight  and very versatile. They offer great organization for leader, tippet, boxes and many other smaller items and you can wear them just about how ever you want. This style of pack I think best suits the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” type of fisherman. Although the micro storage is great it might not be the best option for those folks who want room for the kitchen sink. Our favorite companies make them in a variety of styles and materials and the can be hard to pass up as an option to get your stuff in order.

The “Sling pack”

-Sling packs have gained tremendous popularity in the past couple of years and have bridged the gap between your small fishing pack and full sized backpack. Sling packs offer tremendous comfort, and internal storage for a vast array of items, They hike well and they are accessed well because of the single strap design. Everyone that I have talked to that owns one of these loves it, and having tried on a few I’m becoming a believer myself. I feel like the sling pack is for the guy or gal who likes to be prepared for it all and might carry a little more extra just in case. The sling gets top marks for comfort and for storage.

When it comes right down to it, no one but you is gonna be hauling your stuff around all day .”Whats best?” the pack style that works and feels best for YOU. We are stocked to gills in the shop with many styles from many different makers. Come in and try them ALL !

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