In the world of fast action rods there is one that always stands out to me. Known for its tremendous power, laser point accuracy and being an absolute howitzer cannon for distance. That, my friends, is the Sage Method. This rod defines fast action with down to its core. The “Method” makes itself known with a beautiful Magma red finnish that reminds me of a new Ferrari. The blank is constructed using sages Konnetic HD technology, simply put, it makes the Method one of the lightest, most powerful rods on the market. All the bells and whistles are there on the bottom end as well. Cocobolo wood reel seat insert, fuji ceramic  stripping guides, and a super plus half well cork handle that feels great in the hand. I have had the pleasure of casting this rod on a number of occasions and it is just that …… a pleasure. Unbelievably light in the hand and almost effortless to throw the tightest of loops. The Method is a perfect candidate for over lining with an ARC 99 + or Rio Grand. Let me tell you, once you get this rod dialed in with the right line you will have something very special. But enough of me talking, stop into the shop and test drive this bad machine !

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