Tursday Night Tying Sessions…..

This week we are tying 20 and under. Or is it 20 and over? Lets keep it simple, size 20-32’s. My guess is that there will be lots of 20’s being tied and not many 32’s? Yup, I might take that bet. Well…. lets get that size 32 out of the way right now!



Afraid of small bugs? Dont be. Small bugs are not difficult,  just smaller than what you normally tie. Less hook means less material… Right? Keep it simple and you will be tying 32’s in no time. I love small bugs and so does Andy Baird of http://smallflyfunk.blogspot.com/  Andy has lots to say about small flies, fishing and fly fishing. Check out his blog and you will find lots of great patterns to tie and great photos.

Here is a small list of the flies I am going to be tying tomorrow night.

K.I.S.S. CDC Midge Emerger

  • Hook – Dai-Riki #310 20 and 22
  • Thread – MFC 8/0 or 6/0 Premium Tying Thread in Black, Olive, Purple and Brown.
  • Wing – MFC CDC, White, Natural and Black
  • Abdomen – Tying Thread
  • Thorax – Black Peacock Ice Dub

Zebra Midge

  • Hook – Dai-Riki #135 Size 20, 22 and how about 24’s?
  • Thread – MFC Premium Tying Thread 6/0 or 8/0, Black, Purple, Brown and Olive
  • Bead – 1/8 Silver
  • Rib – Ultra Wire X-Small, Silver
  • Body – Thread Body
  • Thorax – Black Peacock Ice Dub

Check out our tying video…….http://www.lakestream.com/tying-a-rw40/

This is just a small list of materials to bring with you. Bring a few of your own patterns to share. Larry and The Dr. will be tying some of their great patterns. Hopefully we can get Lew Patterson to show up and tell us more of his great tricks. So bring the big beers and tie the small flies! It’s 20 and under! or is it over?

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