Thursday Night Tying Sessions……….

This week we revisiting foam. Foam is becoming a very popular night and seems like everyones favorite….. 6 till you get tied out. Drayton will once again be in the house showing us how the Foam Master does it. We have a fresh shipment of Rainy’s foam and two huge orders of materials for your tying pleasure! Gary…. I got your jaws ordered and hopefully they will be in tomorrow night. Need body cutters? I have 10 of the River Road Creations Small and Medium tapered body cutters everyone loves so much.

tying the Ant-Caddis

Ant Caddis

I’m not sure what flies Dr. Drayton is going to tie, he wont tell me….. Super Secret! I am gong to tie my ant caddis, very similar to the extended body caddis I did last week but much easier and more effective.


Untitled from Rob Weiker on Vimeo.


I have a list of those materials on the tying video. Other materials to keep in mind are:

Hooks – Dai-Riki #730’s in sizes 10-14

Thread – Unithread 6/0 in appropriate colors or MFC Premium Tying Thread. I like the MFC because it is non-waxed and super strong. The non-waxed thread lays flatter and is not as bulky when you tie with it.

Body Material – Foam, Rainy’s or Craft Store Foam. Rainy’s is a much better foam but Craft Store Foam will do in a pinch.

Underbody – Ice Dub

Legs – MFC Speckled Sexi Legs or any other rubber legs material you like

Wing Material – White Poly, McFlyon or Hareline Parapost material for synthetics. Elk or Deer for a natural wing.

Body – What ever Body Cutter you like to use, River Road Creations tapered body cutters in Small and Medium are very useful!!!!

These are just a few materials to think having. Please bring one of your favorite patterns and share with everyone


  1. I can’t find anywhere on the site the starting time for the Thursday fly tying sessions. Is there a secret handshake or something?

    • William, I tried to shoot you an email earlier today but it would not go through. Sorry for forgetting to post the time. We do Thursday Night Tying at 6:00. It would be great to have you next week. We are tying Pike flies, Should be a great week to come and join in the fun.

  2. Rip Woodin says:

    Rob, I saw a recent video on Hatches. You do a great job, very clear and easy to follow. I like the way you hold up the various packages of materials needed. We’ll see if some western North Carolina browns like your Montana creations. Thanks.

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