Of course I had to click on this video? After a few seconds of the video it took me back a few years to a day I will never forget. It was cold enough to be snowing out and fall was slipping away on this little creek. I was all geared up to fish for the day and I was pretty excited. After a few spots I realized that every fish in the river was in full spawn mode. I started watching what was going on around me and I had to take it all in. Big browns in skinny water doing their thing. I never unhooked my streamer and watched for hours. The funny thing about watching is the longer you watch the more you start to see and appreciate. The little things… when that big creature slips into the tail out and is half out of the water just laying there… Or the way the light hits an adipose fin… I could go on and on about this day. I had my camera but never took a picture. I think I would have missed so much if I was worried about taking pictures instead of watching? I think of this day often and wish I had maybe a pic or two to remind me of that day.

I saw this video and it brought back a few mental images of that day, I had to share it. What a great video by Carpe Diem. Thanks guys for warming the soul on a cold winter day.

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