Fall is in full swing, the days are shorter, just a bit colder and some days are down right cold! Water temps are on a steady fall, bugs are going crazy and fish are eating like they know what is coming. Fall is here and winter is next…. get out while you can and get some fish in the net.

The Missouri River is fishing great right now and will stay good until? Well… does it ever really get bad over here? Fall fish are super strong and will snap your s$&t in a second if you don’t let them run. Keep that rod tip high and stear those guys away from the weeds. Today there were not many bugs on the water but the consistent 25 mph wind didn’t help. On calm days there have been pils of pseudos with a stray Caddis or two lower in the river and pods for rainbows choking them down. Get out and enjoy fall in Montana!

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