Get those bugs down river. I say it lots during the day and lots more on the days when I have a sore neck from looking at bugs that end up behind the oars or behind the boat. Some days you can get away with fishing behind the boat but most days it’s way more effective to cast those bugs down river. Drifts are much better and your flies are the first things the trout see when they float over there heads. Want two more reasons?

Drifts… drifts are much longer when your bugs are down river. Not lots of sideways currents pulling on your line effecting the drift.

Mends… much easier and more effective when your bugs are down river.

One more? OK… That’s where the fish live. They are looking up river, almost all the time, for food to eat. If your bugs are behind the boat or at the oars your element of surprise is gone. They know you’re there and are less likely to eat your flies.

So the next time you find yourself reaching for a bottle of Motrin because your neck is sore from looking up river all day at your flies…. turn to your right or turn to your left and cast those flies down the river!

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