I love this time of year for many reasons. Of course there’s the traditional: The colors, the change in temperature, lighting a first fire in the wood stove. As well as whats on all of our minds, The fishing ! fat fish looking to pack on the pounds on their journey back to the lake. As well as those lake dwelling fish putting on the feed bag for the impending sheet of ice that will quickly become the roof to their watery home.
I’m sure you’ve gathered from our previous posts that the fishing has been…..well…. pretty darn good! We’re still getting some great dry fly action and will be for some time to come ! The October Caddis has become a major player and the black junk continues to get eaten as well. Now I know for a lot of guys, myself included, when the weather starts to turn…..cool my mind goes to one thing…….. streamers. Ahh yes, streamer season is in the air ! and I couldn’t be happier, nothing to me says fall like some oil tanker hammering the meat and cheese burrito at the end of your line, and doing it on a river thats low, clear, and largely silent. So happy October ! all of you fisher people! and whatever strikes your fancy this time of year on the river or lake come into the shop and we will get you set up !

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