fly fishing the flathead river

Main Stem of the Flathead River

The Main Stem of the Flathead River is only minutes from the doors of the fly shop. It’s also very convenient to Kalispell and Columbia Falls. Your guide can pick you up at the fly shop and bring you back at the end of the day. We offer full and half day guided fly fishing trips on the Main Stem of the Flathead River. Full day trips are $495 and half day trips are $395. All trips included fly rods and flies for the day. Full day trips include a great river side lunch and half day trips include snacks and beverages. The only thing you will need to bring is weather appropriate clothing and a Montana Fishing License, which you can purchase at the shop or online. Full day trips are approximately 7-8 hours and half day trips are 4 hours.

fly fishing the flathead river

The Flathead River is a large western river and is best fished from a drift boat. The summer months offer great dry fly fishing for wild Westslope Cutthroat Trout. With lots of willing fish it’s a great place to teach someone how to fly fish. How about for the serious angler who only fishes dry flies? The Flathead River is a dry fly playground! Make those mends….. and wait as that trout eats your fly…. Lets see how good your hook sets are!   The Flathead River usually starts fishing great around July 1st and the dry fly fishing continues until it gets cold in the late fall.

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After Labor Day the river traffic drops off and the fishing just gets better and better. You will not want to miss our Fall season. Bigger fish from the upper reaches of the Flathead River Drainage migrate to the Main Stem of the Flathead. We are still fishing dry flies and seeing big migratory Cutthroat eat them. Ants, beetles, hoppers and attractors are whats on the menu! Wait and watch as that Cutthroat moves from the bottom of the river to eat your dry fly. The Fall season continues into late October when it gets cold.

fly fishing the flathead river

The fishing doesn’t stop on the Flathead River when winter gets here. Nymphing and streamer fishing are productive. Bug activity slows but there are still large numbers of Stoneflies and Mayflies in the system so we tend to lean on these patterns while nymphing. Streamer fishing and swinging with swith rods is also productive in the winter. If the timing is right winter can produce some of the biggest fish of the year.

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Spring can not get here soon enough! Fish start moving out of Flathead Lake  and start their journey to their summer water. Water temps increase and so does the bug activity. Nymphing is great and the dry fly fishing can be amazing. March Browns, Gray Drakes, BWO’s, Numora and Capnea Stoneflies and sometimes an early Golden get our fish looking up. Late March through the end of May is our spring season. The river is unfishable for most of June due to snow melt and the runoff. Every year is different but runoff ends anywhere from the last week of June to the 1st of July.