At Lakestream Fly Shop we are proud of our tying room. Our tying room will make any tier envious! We carry an ever growing selection of tying materials and tying vises. We are proud to carry fly tying vises from Renzetti, Norvise, Regal and Griffin. From price point vises that will last a life time to as high end as you will ever need. We make it a point to make sure that our vises are easy to use and will hold your hooks in place. No more junky vises!

We also carry a complete room of tying materials from Hareline, Wapsi, Spirit River, Montana Fly Company. Dai Riki, Tiemco and Gamakatsu Hooks. Specialty tying feathers from Whiting Farms

If you are new to tying and looking for a class then look no further. We offer a free beginner fly tying class. Larry has been running the beginner tying classes for years and is a great teacher and fly tier. We usually start our beginner fly tying classes in the middle of February. The flies you will be learning are very effective patterns and will catch fish on our local water and across the state.

thursday night fly tying

Starting in the late fall, after hunting season, we start our famous Thursday Night Fly Tying. Every week we have a different theme for the night of tying. We are lucky to have a great bunch of guys and a ladies that are great tiers and fun folks to hang out with. Everyone is super supportive of new tiers and there are absolutely no ” Uppity Tiers or Attitudes” in our group. Just a bunch of folks tying flies and telling lies!

ladies night fly tying

How about for the Ladies? We have a ladies only night. It all started with our Ladies Fly Fishing group, The Whitefish Knotty Nymphs. Every Wednesday Night at 6:00 we open the doors for Ladies Night. We are always looking for new ladies to join tying night. You don’t have to have ever tied a fly or fly fished before. You just have to join us and we’ll get you going in no time! Along with tying flies we also talk about a subject that will help with you going out and catching fish on your own or out fishing your husband or boyfriend! From knots….. To whip finishes….. To what flies to use…… Were all about getting you on the water and catching fish!

We love our fly tiers at Lakestream Fly Shop! Were not just going to sell you a bunch of materials and send you on your way. We want to support your fly tying needs and get you tying more bugs. Have you always wanted to tie a fly and didn’t know where to start? Come in the shop and we’ll sit down at the famous tying table and help you whip up your first fly. Are you a serious tier? Need help with a pattern? Stop in and we’ll help you out. We are proud of our tying room and it is ever growing. If you have suggestions grab one of us and we’ll listen to what you have to say.

From here you can access our ever growing list of fly tying videos. Tying videos are broken down into Nymphs, Dries and Streamers. Click on the links below to find the list of tying videos for each categories. If there is a fly that you would like to see a tying video of, shoot me an email and I’ll make a video for you. Enjoy.

Hackle Stacker Rusty Spinner

Dry Fly Tying Videos

From delicate hackle stackers to durable foam flies...... Check out our dry fly tying videos.

tying the green machine

Nymph Tying Videos

From mayflies to scuds to eggs and worms...... Check out our nymph tying videos.

Tying Coffey's Sparkle Minnow

Streamer Tying Videos

If you love to rip streamers all day and tie streamers and drink beer all night. Check out our streamer tying videos.