Hackle Stacker Rusty Spinner

Hackle Stacker Rusty Spinner

How To Tie A Hackle Stacker Rusty Spinner

Have you ever seen mayflies on the water that look dead? Wings splayed out? They have lost their color? These are spinners…

tying the purple haze

Purple Haze

How To Tie The Purple Haze

Am I happy or in misery? What? Sound familiar? Hint…. Jimmy….. Best guitar of all time….. If you said Jimmy Hendrix then… Your right!

tying a midge emerger

KISS CDC Midge Emerger

How To Tie The KISS CDC Midge Emerger

Keep It Simple Stupid.... I learned this theory in the Army and applied it to make a great Midge Emerger.

tying an ant caddis

Ant - Caddis

How To Tie The Ant - Caddis

I love the simplicity of an Elk Hair Caddis..... Easy Tie.... Floats great and fish love it! I tried to stay true with the design of the Elk Hair Caddis and give it a little twist.

tying an elk hair caddis

Elk Hair Caddis

How To Tie An Elk Hair Caddis

The Elk Hair Caddis catches trout all over the country. It floats all day long and fish love it. The video also has a few tricks to tying that perfect Elk Hair Caddis.

Tying a Hackle Stacker CDC Caddis

Hackle Stacker CDC Caddis

How To Tie A Hackle Stacker CDC Caddis

This CDC Caddis is a great dead bug on the water. CDC Delta Wings...... Does it get buggier?

tying a yellow sally

Yellow Sally

How To Tie A Little Yellow Sally

The LYS is a player that should not be over looked. There are lots of these imitations, Yellow Stimis, Elk Winged patterns, CDC and parachutes. All are effective but this is fly has a spot in my box and I thought I would share it with you.

tying the king kong skwala

King Kong Skwala

How To Tie The King Kong Skwala

This spring has been a great one on our local rivers and I can thank the King Kong Skwala for my success.

tying robs chubbie

Rob's Chubbie

How To Tie Rob's Chubbie

Rob's Chubbie is a scaled down version of the Chubby Chernobyl. Slimmer, lower floating and different color. It's just my twist on the good old Chubby.

tying the hippie stomper

Hippie Stomper

How To Tie The Hippie Stomper

I always end up fishing this pattern on lots of waters. From the Flathead… Clark Fork…. Black Foot and even the Missouri….

Tying the Fat Cat Caddis

Fat Cat Caddis

How To Tie The Fat Cat Caddis

The Fat Cat Caddis has caught lots of fish for me. Fish it as a caddis, attractor or a terrestrial.