tying the green machine

The Green Machine

How To Tie The Green Machine

The Green Machine is a staple on some rivers. It has the perfect mayfly profile and can be tied in any color to match just about any slim body mayfly

how to tie a soft hackle

Hare's Ear Soft Hackle

How To Tie A Hare's Ear Soft Hackle

This week we are tying the Bead Head Hare’s Ear Soft Hackle. It’s a great Callibaetis nymph and has been catching lots of fishing on the local lakes.

tying purple jesus

Purple Jesus

How To Tie The Purple Jesus

Purple Jesus is a nymph that I use as a BWO imitation. It's buggy profile works well for small mayfly patterns or if your fish just love purple mayflies.

how to tie the hot spot pheasant tail

Lucent Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph

How To Tie The Lucent Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph

The Lucent Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph is a heavy fly that gets down and gets eatn! If PT's are part of your game tie a few of these up in your favorite colors!

tying a RW40


How To Tie The RW40

The RW40 is a play off the WD40. The change is subtle but the fish will eat it for a midge or small mayfly.

tying the purple lightning bug

Purple Lightning Bug

How To Tie The Purple Lightning Bug

The Purple Lightning Bug has been a great pattern the last few years on the Missouri River. It does a great job imitating the nymph stage of BWO’s. Spring and Fall are the best times to use this pattern.

hot to tie a PMD nymph

PMD Nymph

How To Tie A PMD Nymph

PMD nymphs have a slim profile and a slightly longer body than most nymphs. Trout go crazy for the duns and will eat nymphs as soon as they show up in the water column. Fish it deep or shallow.......

How To Tie Hogan's Petrified Pupa

Hogan's Petrified Pupa

How To Tie The Hogan's Petrified Pupa

Hogan's Petrified Pupa is a simple and effective caddis pupa. Lots of movement and air bubble trapped in the CDC make this one of my favorites!

tying an October caddis

October Caddis Pupa

How To Tie An October Caddis Pupa

Once Fall sets in it's time to think about tying on an October Caddis Pupa. The ``Need to Feed`` starts to kick in and their looking for a big easy meal.

tying a cdc caddis pupa

CDC Caddis Pupa

How To Tie A CDC Caddis Pupa

This week we are tying a CDC Caddis Pupa. It seems that summer is here, Caddis are in the air and the fish are starting to eat them. The CDC Caddis Pupa caught lots of fish on the Missouri River this last week and they should be in your arsenal.

tying bloom's weight fly

Bloom's Weight Fly

How To Tie Bloom's Weight Fly

Bloom's Weight Fly is a great pattern to have in the box. It works best for me when caddis are around. Purple, gold and rainbow are my 3 best colors.

tying the pink lucent scud

Pink Lucent Scud

How To Tie The Pink Lucent Scud

More pink flies for you. This Pink Scud holds a special place in my fly box.

tying the pink squirrel

Pink Squirrel

How To Tie The Pink Squirrel

Sink the pink! Why does pink work so well in the winter? I’m not sure but there are lots of theories. Eggs in the water column is one theory and scuds are another theory. Who knows…. But pink gets the job done. Will any pink work?

tying the skeeg

The Skeeg

How To Tie The Skeeg

Some turn their nose at the scud and say it’s just an egg? Pink egg…. Dead Egg…. Might as well put a bead on there? Well…. I designed this fly so there is no more drama.......

tying robs little pony

Rob's Little Pony

How To Tie Rob's Little Pony

Why do Trout love to eat pink nymphs? There are lots of speculations but one thing is for sure? Rob's Little Pony gets'm!

tying the rainbow warrior

Rainbow Warrior

How To Tie The Rainbow Warrior

People come in the shop all the time and ask us what nymphs we use on the Missouri? Well? Here is one of them! It’s a great pattern that seems to start working in the fall, through the winter and into spring.

tying the hot head rainbow czech

Hot Bead Rainbow Czech Nymph

How To Tie The Hot Bead Rainbow Czech Nymph

The Rainbow Czech Is A Missouri River Staple. If you are going to fish there don't leave home with out them!

tying the pink lightning bug

Pink Lightning Bug

How To Tie The Pink Lightning Bug

This week we are tying a pink Lightning Bug. This is a great fly that catches alot of fish all season long. It has gained popularity in the last few years on tailwaters and some freestones across the country.

how to tie a sow bug

Sow Bug

How To Tie A Sow Bug

Sow Bug? What are those? Their scuds? Right? Nope, Sow bugs and scuds are two different creatures. Sow bugs are much smaller than your average scud. Sow bugs are a major player in tailwaters, spring creeks and stillwaters.

how to tie a san juan worm

San Juan Worm

How To Tie A San Juan Worm

Learn how to tie one of the most effective nymphs ever! The San Juan worm is a producer.....

tying a glo bug


How To Tie The Glo-Bug

From Steelhead to Salmon to Trout..... Fish Eat Eggs!

tying a Chironomid

Don's Emerger

How To Tie Don's Emerger

Don's Emerger is one of my favorite lake flies. If your a chironomid guy then tie a few up and put them to the test!

tying the steamer

The Steamer

How to Tie The Steamer

This fly is a mix between a streamer and a Girdle Bug(The Tird)...... Let's welcome The Steamer!

tying a girdle bug

Girdle Bug

How To Tie The Girdle Bug

The Girdle Bug is one of my favorite nymphs to fish when Stoneflies are in the water column. If I'm fishing a freestone river that I've never been on I make sure that a girdle bug is on my line.