Tying the Fat Cat Caddis

Since it was just Flathead Dry Fly Night…. And Mr. Emmert asked about the Fat Cat Caddis….. I decided to do a tying video on one of my favorite Flathead River foam dry flies. It a modified version of Idylwild’s Grillos’ Fat Caddis. We originally started using this pattern in tan to imitate Spruce Moths… Then it morphed into a few various colors to fit my needs. I like to tie it in black and red… Purple and black…. All green…. and Peach and green. It’s a great fly to have in the box.

Why are fish eating it? Well… It has a great caddis profile, could look like an ant.. Could be a bettle, could be a green drake.. Small Hopper… Who knows? But it works!

Tying Tips….
1-When dubbing your underbody keep it slim. If you dub an underbody that is to thick you wont get the color of your foam spilling over the sides of the fly. The two colors gives the fly a little depth and color change.

2- I like to use an unwaxed tying thread when tying foam flies. It lays flat unlike waxed thread that that stays round and will cut through your foam. I’m a big fan of MFC’s Premium tying thread in 6/0…

Other than those two this fly is pretty straight forward and not all the difficult to master. Enjoy the video and put a few of these in your box.

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