The simple fact of the matter is there are some extraordinary fish coming out of the river right now. The weather has been beyond gorgeous, with highs in the 60s and lots of sun. My days in the shop have been punctuated by calls from very happy guides and pictures from the river of clients holding fat, clean fish in the 18 to 21 inch category. The Flathead is …………. ON !

The Flathead is on and for now so is the weather ! my suggestion to all of you folks would be to get out there and get after it while all of these factors are in our favor. If you do find some time to get out, the dry fly game is whats on the menu. Big black attractor patterns, October Caddis, and a healthy assortment of some smaller size 14-18 mayflys will serve you well. Most Important is the time of day. The warmest Sunniest portions, mid-day on until the temp starts to drop have been where success happens. Bottom line… get after it ! because as we all know things will change. Stop in the shop if you have any questions or need to stock up on some fall flies or gear. We are all here to help !

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