This week I am going to tie a great mayfly nymph…. The Wilcox Little Green Machine. I fish it alot on the Missouri in the Spring and Fall. Break this guy out when Baetis are in the water column or change the colors to fit your mayfly nymph needs.

tying the green machine
Hook – Dai Riki #060 18
Bead – Copper 1/16 or 1.5MM
Thread – Camel Uni thread 6/0
Tail – 4-6 Pheasant Tail fibers
Abdomen – Hareline Micro Tubing in Red
Wingcase – Medium Pearl Mylar
Wing Buds – McFlylon White
Abdomen – Olive Brown Ice Dub

How to tie the Wilcox's Little Green Machine from Rob Weiker on Vimeo.

This is fun to tie but there are a few things to keep in mind when tying. You want to make sure that the abdomen is long enough. The Dai Riki #060 is a 1XL shank, ensuring that you will have enough room for a long abdomen. You also want to make sure that you keep the abdomen nice and slim. You can use 8/0 thread if you want and keep your thread wraps to a minimum. Attach the thread, wrap back and secure your tail fibers with 2 wraps. Then attach the Micro Tubing with two tight wraps, advance the thread forward, with tight wraps, securing the Micro Tubing and PT underneath. This will also ensure a slim abdomen.

I tie a few different variations of this pattern. I’ll tie them in black, red, brown and purple. I use thread for the abdomen with MFC Premium Tying Thread and use ice dubbing in the same color as the abdomen. This is a very versatile and effective pattern. Tie up a bunch and go fish them!

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