Hackle Stacker Rusty Spinner

This week we are going to be tying a Hackle Stacker Rusty Spinner. It’s a big name for a dead bug! So what is a spinner?

Have you ever seen mayflies on the water that look dead? Wings splayed out? They have lost their color? These are spinners… Or spent wings… When the nymph matures it molts into an adult mayfly, Dun, then after a few days they molt into a into the spinner stage. You see them bouncing around in the air… Right over the water….. After they mate… They lay eggs and die on the water. Trout love spinners! Well…. Some spinners more than others. 90% of all spinner are a dark color, Rusty, with noticeably longer tails that their dun counterparts.

Whats a hackle stacker? Its a method originated by Bob Quigley. The fly utilizes a paraloop technique by winding the hackle around a post, a loop of tying thread, and pulling it over the top of thorax. It puts a new look and level of fishiness to any parachute pattern.

This fly can be a little tricky but once you get a few things figured out they fly off the vise. First off….

I tie my abdomen out of Turkey Biots. They make a great segmented look to any abdomen the you wrap with them. One fault of these biots is they like to split or break when tying. You will to soften them a bit by soaking them in water for a few minutes before tying.

Second big problem with this fly is that the hackle likes to break when wrapping up the tying thread. You will want to try and select a hackle that has as small of diameter as possible. The smaller diameter stems are more pliable and less likely to break. Another key is your tie in point. Prep your hackle by removing the barbs from the butt end of the stem. You are going to tie you hackle in on the stem, but dont leave any bare stem above your tie in point. The tie in point for the hackle and the loop of thread are the same place. If you are breaking your hackle a bunch… Experiment with how your tying your hackle in. It takes a bit of practice to figure out how to make it work for you. Enjoy tying these patterns and experiment using the hackle stacker on different patterns.

Hackle Stacker Rusty Spinner

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