Who doesn’t love throwing in the river and getting that big creature to rise up and chug it? From full on attacks to the good old toilet bowl take down in the middle of the river the hopper is awesome! The Morrish Hopper is a long time favorite of anglers and trouts too and it’s about the only hopper I use some seasons. Sharpe that guy different colors and have at it! It’s hard to beat a single Morrish Hopper?

Some days you can roll that thing with no trailer but some times there are mayflies around and the trouts want one of those too. What to do? Tie on a dropper… Duhh….. But there is a problem with the Morrish and a dropper tied to the bend of the hook. Droppers tied to the bend of the hook love to tangle in the notch right behind the eye of the hook. There is a fix for that…. Straight wrist, high rod stop, pause….. But sometimes that never happens so we need a better fix?

Tie that dropper off the eye of the hook. It’s a quick easy fix and it works like a charm! Is it the end all? Nope, but it cuts down on time in tangle town. Where is Tangle Town you ask? Check here to read all about it! Tie two improved clinch knots on the eye of the hook. One is from the tippet and the other goes to what ever dropper fly you choose. Mine lately has been a mayfly… Size 16 Purple haze.

So the next time your about to pull your hair out from your dropper tangling on your hopper…. Tie that dropper off the eye of the hook and I bet you’ll spend less time in Tangle Town!

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