tying a girdle bug

The Girdle Bug is one of my favorite nymphs to fish when Stoneflies are in the water column. If I’m fishing a freestone river that I’ve never been on I make sure that a girdle bug is on my line. Along with a SJW…… Or an egg….. but the G-Bug is always in the equation. Form trout to steelhead the G-Bug catches fish! It’s a very easy fly to tie and whips up pretty quickly.

Tying this fly is pretty straight forward but there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure that you use medium Chenille for your body. The small and large size chenille makes a funky sized body. If your going to tie super small girdle bugs then drop to small chenille or if your going to tie them giant…. Then the large size chenille. For most of your Girdle Bug needs use medium chenille. Tying the legs in can take a minute to get used to. I like to start tying in my legs at the from of the fly and work my way back to the rear. this makes controlling the legs easier. Use those hackle pliers to keep any problem legs out of the way.

Thats about it for tricks tying the Girdle Bug. Experiment with body colors with variegated chenille and leg colors. The Girdle Bug is one of my favorite freestone nymphs! Tie a few up and put them in your box!

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