tying bloom's weight fly

This week I am going to show you how to tie Bloom’s Weight Fly. It’s great attractor pattern and it catches lots of fish for me. I use it mainly on the Missouri but it works on the Flathead River at times. There are two versions that I fish. The first is with a brass hot bead in hot orange with a rainbow scud dub body. This is a good winter fly on the Missouri. If your tired of fishing pink and the hot bead ray give this guy a try. The second variation is most effective when the caddis start to show up on the Missouri. I tie it with Ice Dub UV Brown but the color is more purple than brown. This is a great color that I use on alot of my patterns. I’ll use it as the bottom color on alot of my foam attractor dry fly patterns. Or just about any pattern that calls for purple dub. It’s just a little different purple than what other people are using…. And it’s fishy! I also use a black 1/8 bead on the purple version. Lots of people tie this pattern with a red wire rib, grape slusshy’ish, I’ll use a black rib… Does it matter? My guess is not really?

If your looking for a new Missouri River bug give these guys a try. You can also experiment with colors to find a combo that works on your home waters.

Hook-Dia-Riki #60 size 14,16 and 18
Bead – Hot Bead, Hot Orange 1/8
Thread – MFC Premium Tying Thread 6/0 Gray
Lead Weight – 0.025 Lead Wire
Ribbing – Ultra Wire Silver Small
Dubbing – Dark Rainbow Scud Dub

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