tying the pink lucent scud

This will be the last tying video of 2014….. And what better fly to end things on than a Pink Lucent Scud. It’s a solid producer on the Flathead and Missouri Rivers. Are you a pink fly angler? Then tie a few of these up and I bet you wont be disappointed! Its a very straight forward fly to tie….

I like to fish this pattern from size 8-14….. Depending on the time of year and what the fish want. How about the bead? MFC Lucent Tungsten Bead in pink. It’s hard to find a durable color on tungsten beads. Some are painted on…… Some are anodized? But the colors are usually pretty funky? Not a true color…. MFC’s Lucent beads are true to color and my favorites! Pink… Purple….. Red…… Burnt Orange… Deep Red Purple….. All good stuff! Dont want to tie this guy in pink? No problem! Silver bead and rainbow scud dub…… Purple….. Orange…… Change up the colors to match your needs.

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