Welcome To Lakestream Fly Shop. We Are A Year-Round Full Service Fly Shop Located In Downtown Whitefish Montana. Since 1984 We Have Been Helping People Catch Fish Across The State Of Montana And Anywhere Water Flows.

If you are completely new to fly fishing or a seasoned pro we are here for you. As fisherman we understand how important it is to fish with quality equipment from reputable companies. Product quality, usability, price point and warranty are the four factors we consider in every product we carry. If we won’t fish with it we won’t sell it!

We Demand The Best And Only Carry The Best.

lakestream fly shop whitefish montana

Who doesn’t love a great fly rod? We most certainly do! A great fly rod is the one that feels best in your hands, not necessarily the most expensive. Look at our selection, ask questions and cast every rod that you are interested in. We’ll help you get the most from every rod. Are you new to fly fishing? Don’t think that you can tell the difference in fly rods? We guarantee that you will feel the difference and will be able to pick the rod you like the best.

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lakestream fly shop whitefish montana

Lakestream Fly Shop knows how important it is to have a good fly reel. We carry a solid selection of fly reels based on your price point. We specialize in reels that are Made In The USA.

To Match our great selection of reels we carry only the best fly lines, leaders and tippet. Your fly lines will cast well, float(when clean), your tippet will be strong and your indicators will be as techy as they exist! Don’t Forget…. Your split shot will sink too!

lakestream fly shop whitefish montana
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Remember your first pair of nice waders? First pair of boots that gripped the river bottom? We remember ours too! Ours were Simms, we bet yours were too! We only cary waders and boots that we believe in and will wear ourselves. Every wader, except for one model, in Lakestream Fly Shop is made by Simms, the best waders on the planet. We also carry their jackets, boots, shirts, pants, hats and gloves. If Simms makes it….. We have it!

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lakestream fly shop whitefish montana

At Lakestream Fly Shop we pride ourselves in being the best around and only carry the best around. Our shop is packed with so much great gear that it would take pages and pages to describe all our great gear. We are proud to stock MFC flies, select Patagonia gear, Redington, Smith Optics, Dr. Slick, Fishpond, Rugged Creek, Buff, NRS, Howler Bros and Outcast Boats… Just to name a few.