Over the next few weeks I am going to be showcasing a few PMD patterns that I use. This week I am tying a PMD nymph that has been working great on the Missouri for the last few weeks. It is a mix of a few different flies. A friend showed me on of his favorite PMDs and I thought I would add some little pieces to it. The epoxy bubble back, wing case and legs are borrowed from the JuJu patterns. PMD’s nymphs come in different color combos, from a mottled amber to dark brown. As they approach emergence they tend to darken up. This is why I use the dark brown thread on this pattern. This is a great fly to use pre hatch or even during a hatch…. Well.. There are better ones to use during a hatch…. Part 2?

hot to tie a PMD nymph

PMD? Pale Morning Dun AKA Ephmerella… What does this mean to you? They are one of the next items on the menu on the Missouri and your favorite river when it reaches 55 for a bit. You know them.. The mayflies that show up after BWO’s, slightly larger and a pale yellow color? Some times they have huge reddish orange eyes. PMD’s. They have three tails, their hind wing is is set back from the leading edge of there main wing and has a angle in its leading edge. Want more on specifics on PMD’s? Check out www.troutnut.com. (Here is a direct link to some PMD stuff, http://www.troutnut.com/hatch/459/Mayfly-Ephemerella-excrucians-Pale-Morning-Dun)  Jason Neuswanger does an amazing job on his site, tons of  information and macro photography that will have you inspecting bugs like trout inspect your flies! Why did that brown refuse my bug? Oh boy! Had to many tails on that PMD dun! I should have paid more attention to troutnut.com. You could drive yourself mad with all the information on his site… I love it!



PMDs….Trout love them and should not be over looked. The key to this fly is a slim abdomen with a slightly fatter thorax. Thread body makes the slim abdomen pretty easy and the X-Small ribbing keeps the whole abdomen slim. We all like slim abdomens and so do the trout! You also want the thorax to be slightly larger than say a PT. A real subtle way to add some bulk is with the epoxy bubble. The epoxy gives an appearance of bulk, transparency and some subtle trout eye catching shine. UV Knot Sense is my favorite trout fly tying epoxy. It works great on little bubble backs or any of your trout fly epoxy needs. A small bottle for $8.00 will last almost forever.

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