We are so very fortunate to have the liberties that we have here in our great country. As we enjoy the long weekend and the sunshine, lets not forget the reason for the day. We are eternally grateful for those who gave it all so that we can live the lives we live today.

The weather has been great the last couple of weeks and has given everyone the itch to catch some fish. Even with high high water on the Mo, it is still producing some great fish in some great numbers. The local lake game can also be a great alternative to those who NEED to wet a line and can’t make the drive. We have local lake trips heading out each and every day, don’t miss your chance to explore some of the water that often gets looked over when the local rivers are fishing. Bass, Pike, Grayling, and Trout are all species that we target on these lakes. If you haven’t ever caught a bass on a fly rod you might just need to give it a shot.

Lakestream is open 7 days a week now, so stop in and say hey.

Enjoy the day and time with family, and don’t forget to spend some time paying respects to those who served and gave it all.

*Feature image courtesy of Simms Fishing Products.

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