Lakestream Fly Shop employee Tim Joern just returned from a jungle adventure in Guyana where he went toe-to-toe with a member of the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world – the arapaima. We’ll call it a draw since the fish turned a four-piece Winston rod into a five-piece one.

This endeavor took place through the Rewa Eco Lodge located along the Rewa River in south-central Guyana. Guyana is Venezuela’s eastern neighbor.  In spite of rustic accommodations and a snake that claimed the bathroom sink as his territory, there was cold beer.  Here’s a few other musings from the trip:

  • No news about political buffoons. Best week ever. Believe you me.
  • Howler monkeys know how to party. Just wished it wasn’t at 4:00 am.
  • For Darwin non-believers, spend a week in the jungle with opened eyes and an opened mind.
  • Piranhas chew fly lines. I’m sure there’s a case to be made against the arapaima for collusion.
  • Never thought I’d be sight casting flies with 8/0 hooks. Hooking yourself with one of those is like being speared. Not that it happened or anything…

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