how to tie a san juan worm
how to tie a san juan worm

San Juan Worm? Really? You fish those things? It’s funny when you hear peoples reactions to the worm. Some hate it and some love it. Some fish it all the time and others wont consider it. That’s the cool thing about fly fishing…. Everyone has an idea of how they like to catch fish and have a good time.

When fishing nymphs it’s a good idea to fish patterns that match bugs that are in the water column. BWO time…. Fish BWO patterns. Caddis time… Fish Caddis patterns. Midge time…. Fish Midge patterns. You get the idea. Are worms in the water column? They sure are! There are basically two types of worms in the water column. Oligochaete “worms” that live in our lakes and rivers and Earth Worms that live in the earth….. Not bodies of water. So which does the SJW imitate? Both….. Spring time is a great time for the worm. As banks erode Earth Worms are more present in the water column. Fall is another great time when sexual maturity is reached by Oligochaete and are more prevalent in the water column. The worm is a solid producer and will catch fish pretty much all year long… But… there are times when the worm works better than others. Think of the Worm just like you would any other insect. Fish eat them the best when they are most available.

Tying the Worm is pretty straight forward. The only thing that you really want to make sure you get right is the body material. Regular chenille is to limp and not dense enough to make a good worm. Ultra Chenille is more dense and a little stiffer. Did I mention more durable? So no matter what color you use just make sure you get Ultra Chenille.

Are you tired of having a few beers and tying horrible bugs? Worms and beer go great together! You can usually enjoy a 6 pack and still tie good looking flies! Grab your favorite 6 pack, PBR, and tie up a seasons worth of worms!

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