As a guide I get to take all kinds of people fishing all across the state to Montana. Day in and day out people trust us to take them fishing and show them a good day on the water. Not to sound like a cheesball guide but that’s a pretty big honor. One of my favorite trips is the family trip. It’s pretty cool to take a parent fishing with their child, watch them catch their first fish(s) and have a great day in the water.

Most recently I got to take a friend fishing with his son and what a day it was. Catching fish, eating snacks, taking about fish, waiting out a hail storm under a bridge, talking about Jiu-Jitsu and doing new variations of knuckles. Oh… I almost forgot the gummy bears?

Some of my first memories are of fishng with my dad and grandpa and these memories have always stuck with me. So grab your kids and get them on the water for some quality time and memories that will stick with you for a long time!

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