Whatcha fishin? Hear it all the time. So here goes….

9′ 5 weight Scott Flex fly rod, Nautilus XM reel, fl. orange backing, 6 weight ARC 99 Fly Line, loop to loop knot, ARC 9 foot 4x leader cut back to 7 foot, double surgeon knot, 2.5 foot of ARC Flurocarbon 4X tippet, Improved Clinch Knot, Yeager’s Never Sink Caddis size 16, improved clinch knot on the bend of the Yeager, 20” of ARC 4X tippet, Size 14 Outrigger Caddis, Fly Agra Floatant….

There you have it, the rig that’s been working for me on the Flathead River… Cast it, mend it, mend it again, set the hook and have a fun time on the river!

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  1. This rig worked rather nicely today, thanks for a great day Rob. Great instructions, professional service, and cutties on the dry from start to finish!

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