If it isn’t already blatantly apparent to you fisher folks,  Yeah…….. winter has made a hard stance, planted its flag in the ground, and is here to stay. although it seems by comparison fairly mild. The snow, a gentle dusting in the late hours of the night only to all but burn off by mid day. And the wind, at least in our neck of the woods, has remained rather tame. Still, the game plan changes when we decide to brave the elements and hit the river to sate our need for fish. And What gets it done more than anything in the winter……..yes you know it , NYMPHING. For some the word is almost unbearable, but for folks like myself who have seen the creatures of the deep that are caught in the winter time by this often maligned technique, I surely have no qualms about it. Now this is certainly not to say that that Winter “pigeon hole’s” us into nymphing and nothing else, That would be…..untrue. But If you were to argue about productivity in our sport of fly fishing this time of year nymphs would take the cake, presents, the whole darn party ! So lets get some tied ! bring on the pink, the purple, bead head or not. Whatever your favs are for this time of year, bring them on ! I will be tying the “Pink Lucifer” scud a pattern that has worked well for me and many others when the weather and river turns a bit………..chilly. So come on out guys. Doors open at 6 and we will tie until they’re done !


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