Tying a Hackle Stacker CDC Caddis

This week we are going to tie a Hackle Stacker CDC Caddis. I’ve been on a Hackle Stacker kick lately and I’m running with it! Caddis… Trout love them. Juicy meals floating down the river. When the caddis are out you can rest easy… Winter is behind us and summer is happening! Well… Some caddis… Mother’s Day caddis happen early and spring can still sneak in still.

Tying a Hackle Stacker CDC Caddis
Lots of people fish caddis patterns. Nymphs, emergers and adults. But how about the dead ones? I love fishing nymphs and dead ones. Dead caddis are spent on the water with their wings splayed out. Think of a delta wing plane… Swooping back towards the tail.

Tying a Hackle Stacker CDC Caddis

This is the idea behind this caddis pattern. Delta wing caddis… CDC…. Hackle Stacker…… Buggy….. CDC…. Thus this creature was born. It’s a twist on a classic pattern that probably needs no improvement but if you don’t change you wont improve!

This pattern is pretty straight forward. The hackle stacker is the hard part… The stem of the feather likes to break when winding up the thread loop. The keys to not breaking the feather stem are:

1-Select a thin stem if possible. The thinner the stem, the more flexible it will be. Thus… Less likely to break!
2- After stripping the barbs off the base of the stem…. Make sure that you tie the hackle in right where your loop of tying thread is. You dont want to wrap a bare stem around the loop of tying thread.
3-Your first two wraps should be medium tension. This will ensure that there is not to much tension on the stem of the feather.

You will break stems when tying this bug… But don’t worry! It’s ok! I still break stems. They key is to find a way that works for you. How ever it makes sense to your tying style.

Tie up a bunch of these guys and fish them next time you see caddis on the water!

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