tying the hippie stomper

This week we are going to be tying a great attractor pattern…. The Hippie Stomper. I always end up fishing this pattern on lots of waters. From the Flathead… Clark Fork…. Black Foot and even the Missouri…. This pattern definitely gets eats. If you fish attractor patterns on your local waters give this guy a try.

I tie it in a few different colors and sizes. From black and red, brown and peach, black and purple and full on black. From 12-18….. It’s a great pattern to have on the program. Tying the Hippie Stomper is pretty straight forward.

First off…. Have you had your tying thread cut your foam bodies? That used to happen a bunch when I used waxed tying thread. Waxed tying thread keeps a round shape and will cut through foam like a knife through butter. Try out MFC’s Premium Tying Thread in 6/0. It’s a unwaxed thread that will lay flat and not cut through your foam when tensioned. This is my favorite thread. I use it pretty much in all my tying. Buy a few spools and I bet you’ll like it!

It can also be a challenge to get shaped correctly. River Road Creations Beetle Body Cutters make the perfect body. I’ll use one size larger for the top layer and the next size smaller for the under layer of foam. This gives a good color separation between the two layers. Gives it a little more depth and fishiness to it.

If you haven’t used River Road Creations body cutters… Your missing out! These are by far the most superior cutters available. They stay sharp and will cut 100’s if not a few thousand bodies. I have used the tapered chernobyl body cutters for the last 3 seasons. When cutting bodies you want to make sure that you use the cutters on the proper surface. You can use the rubber mat that comes in the package or… Buy a plastic cutting board. This gives you a hard stable surface to make you cuts on. Money well spent!

When selecting your hackle… Make sure that you upsize your hackle by one hook size, larger. This gives a little better wing profile on the water. I also cut my front legs shorter than the rear legs.

Enjoy tying this fly and check it out the next time your on the water!

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  1. Hi guys! Glad you like my fly enough to do a how-to video about it! I’m sure fish crush this version, however this is pretty different from the original. I have my step-by-step instructions on my website and there’s another instructional video out in cyberspace that’s much closer to how I tie them. Thanks, and again, glad you like the hippie stomper!

    Andrew Grillos

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