tying the hot head rainbow czech

This pattern has been a solid producer on the Missouri River for me the last few weeks. I’ve been fishing it in a size 18 and fishing it along side a few other nymphs. Winter time is pink time but not all pinks are as effective as others. I look at this pattern and wonder why it works better than another pattern that looks similar. It’s hard to tell? I’m sure fish are eating as an egg pattern….. A dead scud….. For what ever reason it’s working. Through out the season I will fish it in bigger sizes. 14-18 are my favorite sizes.

This is a pretty easy pattern to tie up. One thing to keep in mind with cutting your scud back. Cut it thinner that you think. Cut your scud back… Then…. Divide it in half and I bet your size will be spot on. Also, when your dubbing your body make sure you don’t dub it to thin. I like a nice plump body. This plump body makes it easer to pick out the legs on the bottom of the nymph.

There you have it… Another bug from the guide bag. Tie up a few for your next trip and catch some fish on it!

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