how to tie the hot spot pheasant tail

This week we are tying the Lucent Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph. It is a spin off the Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Nymph. This spring I was guiding on the Missouri River and a guide friend of mine was having great success fishing the “Traditional” Purple Hot Spot PT….. Having just bought a bunch of bugs I decided I was going to tie some up instead of spending more money on flies. The original didn’t have a Flashabou shell back and epoxy bubble…… I was tying lots of bugs with that bubble so I just carried it over to this bug. Purple Lucent bead was a no brainer because I wanted this fly to sink like a rock in the deeper faster water “The Ice Man” was fishing it in…… This fly sinks like a rock with the double Tungsten beads! Hit the back of the bead with some purple ice dug…… Speckled brown hen hackle for the legs and you have a great bug when the BWO’s are around. It seems to me that early in the season, when the bugs first fill the water column, Purple works well then it seems to taper off. Then the PMD’s show up and I tied a few in bigger sizes and they worked too. But I have to say they worked better for me at the start of the BWO events. Then this last fall it worked again when the water temps came back into the BWO world. Another variation that I experimented with was an all black version for PMD time…. The PMD Ninja per say…. Two black Tungsten beads… Black Holographice Tinsel for the abdomen….. Black PT fibers for the tail….. Black Saltwater Flashabou… Black Ice Dub….. Black Tying Thread…..

This bug is not all that hard to tie but just a few things to think about when tying this bug. When you put on the beads make sure that the small hole is facing the eye of the hook and the big opening is twords the rear of the hook. This will allow the thread to slide down between the two beads when you tie off the shell back and legs. If you reverse the openings the thread will not slip in between the two and you will have a big clumpy tie in point. When adding epoxy to the shell back add your UV Knot sense with a bodkin. If you try to use the applicator your glob of resin will be pretty large and will trap the legs in it. Use a small amount…. Remember use 1/2 of what you think you need. Then Maybe half of that. Enjoy tying these flies and put a few in your box!

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