This week we are tying a Little Yellow Sally. There are lots of bugs on the water and the LYS is a player that should not be over looked. There are lots of these imitations, yellow Stimis, Elk Winged patterns, CDC and parachutes. All are effective but this is fly has a spot in my box and I thought I would share it with you.

This fly is very easy to tie and has only one pitfall. Make sure that you dont crowd the eye of the hook after you dub the body. The wing and hackle are right on top of each other and you can run out of room pretty easily. The egg sac, AKA “Red Butt” is tied out of Rainy’s 2.0mm foam. Cut it in a strip 2.0mm wide and tie it in. The body is a color that works well for me but dont be afraid to experiment with different colors to find one that works for you.

Isoperla, or Little Yellow Sally is a stonefly the is often confused for Golden Stones or Caddis. These bugs do not always hatch the same as there other stonefly brethren. Often they emerge through the water column and move to the banks to continue the cycle of life. When the females return to lay eggs is when they are most vulnerable. Female sport bright red egg sacs full of eggs. This is why the imitation has a red butt. So the next time you see fish up and they are not eating your caddis or other favorite flies give a Sally a try.

tying a yellow sally

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