Sink the pink! Why does pink work so well in the winter? I’m not sure but there are lots of theories. Eggs in the water column is one theory and scuds are another theory. Who knows…. But pink gets the job done. Will any pink work? Somedays… Somedays not. I think it is a good idea to have a few pink bugs you have confidence in.

Rob’s Little Pony, Rainbow Chezch, Pink Lightning Bug, Super Top Secret Pink and the Pink Squirrel are a few of my favorites.

tying the pink squirrel

The Pink Squirrel is a pretty easy fly to tie up. I’ll tie it in a few sizes, 12,14 and 16. I use Dai-Riki #135’s but any scud hook will work. Gold beads are standard in my box but another good option would be silver or a pink Lucent bead from MFC. Thread? MFC Premium Tying Thread in 6/0 is awesome. It is unwaxed, super strong and splits easily for a dubbing loop. I use pearl Krystal Flash for the tail but have had good success with pink Krystal Flash. I have been using Hare’s Ear dubbing for this fly but if you dont want to rock the Pink Squirrel boat use squirrel dubbing. Now for the collar. Use pink Ice Dub, pink dubbing or chenille. MFC Lucent Chenille is another great product that makes a great collar.

You can never have enough good pink patterns in your box….

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