Streamers, Everyone loves them… But where do you start? There are lots of crazy patterns out there and almost any of them will catch fish sooner or later. Most serious streamer fisherman have a few patterns that are consistant producers. The Polar Chenille Leech is one of mine. I really like to keep things simple with my streamers. Crazy elaborate patterns dont seem to work as well as simple patterns. The Polar Chenille Leech is about as simple as it gets while giving a great profile with lots of movement.

I like to tie this guy on Dai-Riki #710 in size 4,6,8 or even 10 in the spring. The #710’s are a 3XL shank giving it a good baitfish silhouette with out having to use a huge hook. For a size 6 hook I will slip on a 5/32 Black Nickel bead. I will upsize or downsize by one depending on a bigger or smaller hook. Is it fall or spring? Great time to tie this pattern with a bead colored up like an egg. Egg stealing baitfish? Are you kidding? Sounds like a meal that would catch the attention of a big beast to me! As you know I really love MFC Premium Tying Thread! I tie all my streamers with their 3/0. It’s super strong with out a bunch of bulk. It also splits easily for dubbing loops. Hareline Polar Chenille is the tail and body material. I was recently turned on to brown and is my favorite color right now. I also tie it up in black, olive, yellow/brown mix, clear, UV pearl, UV gold and rusty copper UV. There are lots of colors to accommodate your tying needs. There are not many pitfalls when tying this patterns but keep one thing in mind…. The fibers coming off the main core are directional. Make sure when you tie in the tail and body with the fibers lying, pointed, twords the rear of the fly. Pretty simple!
Like is said this is a very simple pattern to tie. I think it’s effectiveness lies in it’s simplicity. The pattern, when wet, has a lot of movement and has a great baitfish profile. Tie up a bunch of these in your favorite colors, get out there and start stripping!

Tying A Polar Chenille Leech

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