This week we are going to be tying a Purple Lightning Bug. Its been a great pattern the last few years on the Missouri River. It does a great job imitating the nymph stage of BWO’s. Spring and Fall are the best times to use this pattern. Are you a techy BWO guy? Like new bugs? Tie a few of these up and I’m sure you’ll be tying more. This bug is pretty straight forward. Enjoy the video and feel free to stop in or call the shop if you have any questions about tying this bug.

tying the purple lightning bug

Hook – Dai-Riki #125 in 16-20
Bead – 2.0 mm Silver
Thread – MFC Premum Tying Thread, Black, 6/0
Tail – Pheasant Tail
Abdomen – Purple Flashabou
Ribbing – SIlver Ultra Wire, XSM
Wing Case – 2 Strands Purple Flashabou
Thorax – Super Fine Dry Fly Dub, BWO
Legs – Mottled Hen Hackle

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