tying a RW40

This week I am tying a pattern I call the RW40. It is a slight variation of the WD40. The change is subtle just add a glass bead in the front. I started tying this fly a few years ago and has been a great producer when fish are keying in on Midges and BWO’s.  For Midges I stick with black and red. For BWO’s I lean into the olives, grays and browns. I will match the bead to the body color. Tyers Beads come in lots of colors that will catch the trouts eye. In theory the bead imitates the gas bubble present during emergence. What about a silver bead you ask? Well, those work great! So why the need for a glas bead? It gives you something different to show the fish.


This pattern is super easy to tie and has no real hard points. It’s almost to easy! Tie a few and give them a try next time your favorite patterns are falling short.

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