This week we are tying an October Caddis. They have been out on a regular basis and fish are keying in on them at times. If you are throwing nymphs consider this fly in your program.

October Caddis are one of the last big meals of the year and trout key in on them. You can find these big nymphs strewn on the river bottom through out the year. They are the large cased caddis that you find crawling around near the shore. They start the year, spring, in a case spun from a silk foundation. As the season and maturation progresses our friend Dicosmoecus  makes a larger case that has pebbles incorporated into it. The growing larva forages the bottom for algae and decaying plant and animal matter. Around late summer these cased caddis seal them selves to complete maturing. Usually around October the cases open and the pupa begin to crawl to shore and turn to adults. This usually happens later in the day and through the evening. So keep this in mind when fishing these nymphs, Early mornings and late in the day are the general rule, but…. Rules are made to be broken and fish will eat them in the middle of the day. Keep your eyes open for clues to where these bug are densely populated and emerging. Clear exoskeletons  are left behind as the adult emerges from the pupa… So if you find a rocky shore line or area loaded with these translucent husks this would be a great place to fish this fly.

This is a really easy fly to tie and ties pretty quick. If you do not have these materials exactly experiment with some different colors and materials. Different color dubbing, different soft hackle or do you want a heavier one?  Dont worry, use some different material or add a black bead head and come up with a different pattern.

tying an October caddis

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  1. nice- I tied some oct caddis very similar- though I just saw your patter- some have a copper cone heads We are fishing the Madison/Henrys Fork in early October
    I know we may see some of these big caddis then


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