Tying Coffey's Sparkle Minnow

This week we are going to be tying Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow. What is it you ask? Well…. It’s has been one of the most productive streamers on the Missouri River, Flathead River, Clark Fork River, Blackfoot River or anywhere you like to throw the big nasty. Are you a lake guy? The Sparkle Minnow gets’m in the still water world also. It’s a bright streamer pattern that seems to get’m when the fish want bright streamers. That’s usually on days when the sun is not out….. But not always. I’ve had plenty of days in the sun when this fly gots lots of attention. So what’s my point? It should be part of your streamer program. If I dont know any better I will tie this fly on right out of the gates and fish it until the fish tell me something else.

At first glance this fly looks impossible to tie. Not so….. The secret is in the dubbing brush. I like to make a dubbing brush for the body and one for the underbody. The body dubbing brush should be shaggy, with a good length of material coming out from the center. These longer fibers will make the body fuller and give it some movement. The secret to this is to not spin the brush to tight. You would be surprised at how few turns you can take and still have a durable brush. The underbelly you want to spin the brush up tight. The fly looks better with a tight underbelly vs a loose one. Gold and pearl are the classic colors of the Sparkle Minnow but you should experiment with some different colors. Black, purple, green, brown and copper are all great colors. Any tricks on the rest of the fly? Not really…… It’s pretty straight forward.
If you can tie a Woolly bugger then you can tie the Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow. Well… It might be easier than the good old Woolly Bugger!
Hook – Dai-Riki #710 size 4
Bead – 7/32 Black Nickel Bead
Lead Wire – 0.030 Lead Wire
Thread – MFC Black Premium Tying Thread 3/0
Body – Gold Ice Dubbing Brish
Underbelly – Pearl Ice Dubbing Brush
Tail – White, Olive Brown and Medium Olive Marabou
Dorsal Stripe – Black Sharpie

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