Well you asked and here it is ! Thursday night fly tying is back in session! This year winter has not even given us a chance …….. its here, and when the snow starts falling and temperatures start getting a little…. frigid , my evenings are spent.. well… like the picture you see above. Fire in the wood stove, a cold beer sweating on the tying desk, and some of my favorite fishing vids in the background. Winter is also a time (Aside from fishing) to reflect on the warm weather season. To improve upon what worked and fix what might not have been so hot. So lets kick this first night off with a bang ! I feel like this season The Purple Haze takes the cake…. which could be a lot of seasons, but if there was one bug I saw consistently catch fish on top water the haze was it this year. I also heard a lot of discussion on its construction and what can be more effective. I would love to put these things into practice and get the boxes stocked up. So there it is, Purple Haze for night one. Doors open at 6 and we will tie until they’re done !
look forward to seeing you there !

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