This week we are tying Rob’s Chubbie. I have been using this fly for the last two months and has been working great for me. I first started using a standard Chubbie when the nocturnal goldens started showing up. It worked for a few days but then I started noticing lots of refusals. I think that lots of chubbies were floating down the river and this was why the fish were refusing it. So I decided to sit down and come up with another bug.

I had a few key points that I thought were important for the fly.

1-A wide footprint that sat low in the water. I wanted to have confidence in the fact that fish could se it in deep or fast moving water but did not want it to have a big profile.
2-Buggy legs, in comes Montana Fly Companies Speckled Sexi Legs. AKA- BUGGY!

3-Float like a cork….Rainy’s Foam. 

This fly is very similar to a standard Chubbie but I have got a lot fewer refusals. Have fun tying this fly and fish it with confidence.

tying robs chubbie

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