tying robs little pony

This week we are going to tie a super secret pink winter bug. This is my favorite pink winter bug for winter. If pink is part of your program then put a few in your fly box and give her a try.

Why does pink work so well in the winter? There are lots of theories and I dont have the answer for you. If I was a fish, freezing my ass off, sitting in slow water and I saw a pink orb float by… I would eat it!

Here is a materials list.

Hook – Dai-Riki #135 size 10-16

Bead – Montana Fly’s Lucent Pink 1/8, size down for smaller hooks

Underbody – 0.20 Lead Wire

Ribbing – X-Small Red Ultra Wire

Abdomen – Pink Acetone Floss

Tail and Collar – UV Fl Hot Pink Ice Dub

This fly can be tied in and with a variety of different materials and colors. Dont have any Lucent Beads? Use Pink brass beads. No Acetate Floss? Vinyl D Rib or normal pink floss works just fine. Dont get me started on all the different pink Ice Dub’s there are.

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