This week we are tying the great egg pattern called a Glo Bug. I know what you are thinking ” Eggs? Why a video of a egg pattern?” Spring is a big time for fish to spawn, rainbow, cutthroat and suckers are all spawning and filling the rivers with all kinds of eggs. Why do you and I eat eggs? Lots of protein in a convenient little package. Eggs!! I love em, over easy, sunny side up, poached, over a bowl of noodles or hard boiled with a little Tabasco. Fish love them to. Josh Gleason of Spotted Bear Ranch summed it up great when I asked him his feeling about the egg. “Think about it Rob, all these little eggs and clusters floating down the river all day long. Is a fish going to pass up the chance to eat an easy high protein meal that keeps floating past him? All day long? He does not have to work hard for them and they taste great! Great easy source of protein and why wouldn’t they eat an egg? I sure would!”

You can tie this fly in all sorts of colors and sizes. My favorite colors are flame, peach, pink and yellow. I recently received a package of purple and peach UV Yarn by Steelhead Stalkers. Glow in the dark eggs? Sounds like a winner to me! When you are tying this bug dont worry about things being perfect, its an egg and does not have to be perfectly round. Tie up a bunch and go catch some fish on them!

tying a glo bug


A few weeks ago I was reminded at how effective the egg is. I lapped a slot that I knew was full of fish but could not get any eats on the sjw, rubber legs, pt’s, midges, scuds and princes. I threw the whole box at them on probably 20 row ups without a single take. Then I tied on an egg and started hooking up in the first 20 feet of the same exact run. Now every pass was producing fish. I fish eggs alot and I am still amazed at how effective they can be. I know some people turn their noses at the thought of using eggs but it can save the day. Should you feel bad about using eggs? Personally I think if you are not targeting fish on the Redds, you are going barbless and releasing all your fish you should not feel bad about it.

tying a globug

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