tying a midge emerger
tying a midge emerger

This week we are tying one of my favorite Midge emerger patterns. I call it the KISS CDC Midge Emerger. It’s a super simple pattern to tie and very effective. You can also change up the colors and sizes to imitate BWOs and other small mayflies.

Tying this fly is pretty straight forward but there is one thing to keep in mind when tying. It is real easy to make your head to big and throw off the proportions. When you tie in your wing only do two medium wraps over the CDC, adjust the wing length and go straight to the whip finisher. Keep your whip finish wraps right on top of each other, this keeps your head nice and small.

Next time you are on the river above a bunch of Midge sipping trout, feed’m the KISS CDC Midge Emerger.

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