This week we are tying a pink Lightning Bug. This is a great fly that catches alot of fish all season long. It has gained popularity in the last few years on tailwaters and some freestones across the country. Larry Graham of Kirkland Washington developed the pattern in the 1992 and finalized his version in 93. Larry’s fly had a brass bead for weight and used flashabou as a rib. The flashabou was not very durable so he added a wire rib to protect the fragile abdomen. There are lots of versions of this fly and everyone has their own spin on it. I hope Larry would approve of this tie. Thanks Larry for the great pattern and the fish that eat it!

tying the pink lightning bug

This fly can be tied in a variety of colors to fit the needs of every season. Purple is a great attractor color, Olives are great when the mayflies are around, Black with no tail can imitate midges and in everyones favorite winter color….. Pink. Dont feel that you have to stick to my recipe either. Tie in a wingcase, thorax and some legs and you are going down the Mayfly line. Get rid of the tail and tie it it Caddis colors, go small and tie it in midge colors. There are lots of ways to tie this fly and no one way is wrong.

Have fun tying this fly and fill those boxes!

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